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Gojek Ultra Clone – GetGojek All in One

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GoJek Ultra Clone – Get started with your own all in one app based solution to provide multi-fold services for people with ease.


Gojek Ultra Clone – GetGojek All in One The biggest multi-service providing app is knocking at your door! It is now your turn to be proud appreneurs with the GoJek Ultra clone which features taxi rides, delivery services and a host of over 52 other services including on-demand tutors, dog walkers, plumbers etc. all packed in one.

Gojek Ultra Clone – GetGojek All in One opens the window to instantly access service providers offering more than 100+ different kinds of services. Take a look at everything that you can empower your customers with just with the help of this single unique multi-service provider app!

Since this app caters to a whole range of different kinds of service providers, it is imperative that it has to be easy to understand and be absolutely uncomplicated for usage by any kind of service provider. The interface of this app has been specifically designed to ensure that it can be used by the customer as well as the service provider.

This is very advanced solution not just starter package, the most comprehensive in the entire market.

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For this package you get the following:

Update: Our Solution is now compatible with Android 9 Pie & IOS 12

– Website + Backend Script
– Mobile Provider App Source – Android & IOS
– Mobile Vendor App Source – Android & IOS
– Mobile Client App Source – Android & IOS

1. We do Installation of Web + Backend
2. We do Compile Apps for Android & IOS
3. We can Publish the Apps in your Play Store & App Store

We integrate the following, Provided By You:

– Include your app name
– logo
– App Icon and Splash Screen
– Payment gateway – PayPal / stripe / Braintree integration or any else
– Timer changes for Beep Sounds
– Live chat system
– HD Graphics Integration may cost extra
– Push Notifications
– Custom Web Design may cost extra

Solution Reference – Click Here along with apps for Android & IOS compiled for you.


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