Zoom Clone Script & Apps for complete video conferencing & work collaboration

Invest in this robust Zoom Clone Application that allows customers to carry out cloud-based video conferencing seamlessly. With all-around features that are built to fulfill the needs of a modern business, this Zoom clone script ensures efficient teleconference capabilities like never before.

A Zoom clone is an innovative open-source video communication solution for businesses that enables streamlined video conferencing amongst users along with other useful functionalities. With our Zoom clone script, users will be able to conduct online meetings, collaborate remotely, chat with other users, and seamlessly carry out their business needs.

With years of extensive experience in the field of application development, Simtechnos’s Zoom clone script is a highly economical and cost-effective alternative that provides all the functionalities that one requires to carry out their business remotely.

We offer fully customized Zoom clones that can be readily integrated into your business. We ensure an efficient clone app that can be modified to fit the needs of your venture and can be branded to prominently feature your company logo, themes, and colors.

Built on the concept of world-class solutions at a highly competitive price, you can’t go wrong with our extensive range of Zoom clone scripts. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide you with a customized solution that can meet those needs in the best way possible.

In the modern business world, it is an absolute necessity for any business to remotely interact with their employees. With the ability to conduct remote meetings, teleconferences, webinars, and more, this Zoom clone app increases productivity, the operational efficiency, along with allowing the management to relay information in real-time.

It is a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of holding meetings that ensure everyone in an organisation stays on the same page and can work together collectively in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Zoom Clone - AirMeet Script & Apps

Know more about our Zoom Clone - AirMeet. Complete details with demo login and access included.

Easy to Implement

It is even easier to bring your vision to reality now. Customize the app with a minimal fee and have the app look exactly how you want it to!

Feature Rich

It's packed with world class features and ready to get you started in no time. All you need is hosting and image assets.

System Infographics

You get complete control obver all the aspects os the solution and define all your strategy.

Cross Platform

The solution is available for Web, Android & IOS

Super Fast Processing

The system is designed to enable super fast automated processing and make the deliveries faster.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Get Zoom Clone Fast and Easy with our improvised delivery mechanism with your branding. In a max time of 7 days.

Check the demo

To ensure it fits your needs and then let us know if you need any modification. We will then confirm you.

Purchase & Details

Make the payment and provide us with your branding details with assets so we can get started and get it done as you need it.

Testing & Delivery

We will deliver the solution, you can test and give us feedback. If any adjustments needed we can do and do final delivery

Online MeetingsAllow users to seamlessly interact with each other through HD video conferencing capabilities. It is an ideal solution for businesses that require remote connectivity between users in an efficient and timely manner

Conference RoomsA dedicated service for corporates, this Zoom clone script provides efficient conference rooms that have the capability to share multiple screens and enable users to leverage their true potential. Users can screen data, visuals, and whatever they might need from a remote location in real-time

Instant MessagingA must-have solution in any Zoom clone script, it allows users to stay connected by allowing instant messaging capabilities with those in their franchise group. Users can chat one on one with other users or relay messages to multiple users through the use of the ‘group chat’ function.

Webinars Our Zoom clone app can accommodate webinars seamlessly with a large number of attendees. With capabilities to host up to a hundred active participants and thousands of ‘view only’ participants, it is an ideal platform for seminars for universities, businesses, and more.

Global Phone ServicesOur Zoom clone script allows users to carry out high-quality phone conversations from the distant corners of the world. With the ability to cater to instant user interaction, this is a huge boost for any enterprise.

Screen SharingThe ability to share screens is highly important in many ways. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, data fields, or instructional videos, screen sharing is an absolute necessity for a business, no matter how big or small.

Technology StackKnow it all

Wondering what's the Tech used and how things work in sync. Let us guide you.

Web & Admin Backend

PHP with custom Framework using MYSQL

Android Apps

Native Android Java using Android Studio

IOS Apps

Native IOS Swift using XCODE



Check it out

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What we do?

For this solution we will do the following:

  • Website, Admin & Api Conguration
  • Update logo and modify payment configurations
  • Compile Android Apps & IOS Apps
  • Modify App names, icons and branding
  • Firebase and Facebook Integrations
  • Publish the apps in respective app stores.


What do you get?

With this Solution you will get the following:

  • Website Installation
  • Admin & Api Configuration
  • 1 Android App
  • 1 Ios App
  • Full Source Code
  • 3 months bug support


Payment gateways are an integral part of every On Demand applciation. You want to ensure that your clients can have as may payment options as possible. Don't worry! We've got it covered! We specialise in the following payment gateways to make every payment as seamless as it could be!



OMISE.CO PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Thailand | Singapore

PAYMAYA PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Philippines

PAYGATEAvailable in Countries:
Ghana | Nigeria | Kenya | Mauritius | Uganda | Zambia | Rwanda | Namibia | Mozambique

ADYEN PAYMENT GATEWAYAvailable in Countries:
Europe | USA | Brazil | Hongkong | Singapore | Australia | New Zealand | Malaysia

PAYFORTAvailable in Countries:
UAE (Dubai) | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Al-Doha | Egypt | Lebanon | Jordan

PAYSTACKAvailable in Nigeria

XENDIT Available in Indonesia

PAYBOXAvailable in Kazakhstan

IYZICOAvailable in Turkey

OPENPAYAvailable in Mexico

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Zoom Clone

With the socially distanced world being the new normal amid the COVID-19 breakout, there emerges a rising need for virtual platforms where educational institutions and businesses can establish a seamless connection with their students and employees, respectively. Also, people who live apart from their families are on the lookout for an affordable and convenient communication channel. This constant demand led to the popularity of video conferencing apps like Zoom, where users can connect with anyone across the globe without any hassle.

The booming popularity of Zoom has captivated not only user interests but also investor interests, bringing in significant investments. Its share price soared from under $70 a share pre-Coronavirus period to $150 per share post-pandemic period.

The surging trend led to the advent of ready-made Zoom clone solutions that can be quickly customized and launched by startups and large corporations to gain the best interests of the end-users in the COVID-19 times.

At Simtechnos, we provide white-label Zoom clone solutions that can help you connect decisively with your friends, colleagues, students, and more. These apps are built with the most advanced tools and technologies, making it robust and reliable. Connect with our support team to be a part of the flourishing business trend now!

Usage Case

✅ Video Meeting.
✅ Live Class.
✅ Webinar.
✅ Online Training.
✅ Web Conference

Core Features

☑️ Free video and audio conference call.
☑️ Social login(Facebook,Google,Phone).
☑️ Create Meeting and share code to join others.
☑️ Join Meeting without login.
☑️ Live Streaming to YouTube
☑️ Lock-protected rooms: Control access to your conferences with a password.
☑️ Schedule Meeting: Schedule and add the meeting to your calendar.
☑️ Meeting History: Rejoin previous meetings.
☑️ Chat: Message to your team during meetings.
☑️ High quality: Audio and video are delivered with the clarity and richness of Opus and VP8
☑️ Record Meetings.

Others Features:

  • Secure and encrypted call.
  • Unlimited participant(Depend on your server Brand width).
  • Easy Configuration.
  • Push Notification
  • Login/Register.
  • Brand New UI.
  • Meeting App for Android.
  • Meeting App for iOS.
  • Host & Join Meeting From Web.
  • Multipurpose Meeting App.
  • Highly Configurable.
  • Mandatory Login Enable/Disable.
  • Unauthorized Meeting ID Protection.
  • Flutter Based Mobile Platform.
  • Used Dart Programming Language.
  • Meeting History(User End + Admin Panel).
  • Rejoin to Previous Meeting.
  • World Best SDK Used(Jitsi).
  • Rest API Based Application.
  • Social Login(Facebook, Phone, Google).
  • Full GDPR Complaint.
  • OneSignal Notification.
  • Easy Monetize Your App by AdMob.
  • Powerful Admin Panel(PHP+ CodeIgniter).